Alighieri, Jewellery, London

Oxford grad Rosh Mahtani read French and Italian before going on a journey of self discovery. Much like her inspiration and the protagonist in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, Rosh navigated her journey to create her dream. Truly inspired by the works she studied at University, Rosh set out to design a jewellery collection based on the famous 101 poems by Dante Alighieri. With no formal training and creating in the off hours, Rosh’s dream became a reality in 2013.

“Inspired by his odyssey, I imagined these characters in gold, wrapped around my neck, and weaving their way through my fingers, as I read. Just like Dante’s subjects, each piece of jewellery is battered, imperfect, and a little bit melancholy.”

— Rosh

Alpha Beta, Jewellery, Paris

With a penchant for Patti Smith, Segolene Savoff left the world of contemporary art to fulfill her dream and launch Jewellery line Alpha Beta in 2009. Inspired by human behavior, music, art, and vintage sensibilities, Alpha Beta is whimsical, feminine, and of course a bit rock n roll. Authentic in look and feel, Alpha Beta stands out in a crowd with humour, beauty, and delicate eccentricity. Designed in Paris by Sego, it’s impossible to not see the cool girl chic in every piece.

“As a multidisciplinary artist I am inspired by music, vintage finds, interiors and art, and like to create whimsical spontaneous pieces.”

— Segolene 

Anyway, Leather Goods, Hong Kong

Anyway leather goods is comprised of Amus and Gladys, a pair of fashion forward individuals who spent time learning their craft in England before returning to their home town. They have spent time in Australia and Europe, and count Amsterdam as one of their favourite places. Their interest in travel and rubbing shoulders with like minded creatives in the various fashion cities has helped them to create the Anyway brand, where the minimalist leather aesthetic is  welcome in many places and by many people. The line of Anyway leather handbags can quite literally be worn Anyway, day or night and dressed up or down and by anyone.

“A place for individuals who would wish to acquire leather pieces that are hardly found in the market place. Comfort, timeless, light, proportion.”

— Amus and Gladys

Austin Press, Stationary, San Francisco

Kim Austin, the force behind the exquisite ephemera brand Austin Press, creates beautiful other worldly looking pieces on a vintage letterpress. Creating ready to write note cards and pressing since 2004 on her Chandler & Price press, Kim Austin sends beautiful hand-crafted pieces out for the world to enjoy and gift forward. All this from her studio in the amazing ship yards of San Francisco. Voted one the best craft brands in American by Martha Stewart Living, Kim Austin continues to awe one press at a time.

“I’m inspired by old alphabets and vintage books.”

— Kim Austin

Copper & Solder, Home Objects, London


Copper + Solder creates unique home objects that have an industrial, minimalist feel, perfect for modern casual living spaces. Based in England, maker Katie takes extra care in sourcing her materials to ensure a sturdy product.

Dolorous, Jewellery, Toronto

Dolorous Jewellery is a collection of hand made pieces designed and produced by Danielle Singer in her hometown of Toronto. The designs stem from a strong foundation in sculpture and three dimensional study, which evolved into jewellery production through formal education in goldsmithing and metal work.

Made with primarily brass chains and various vintage components, the line has an organic aesthetic that gives a casual and wearable feel to sometimes quite elaborate statement pieces like hand adornment and body harnesses. The materials are meticulously sourced and are of high quality with many of the supplies coming from limited vintage stock.


“My designs are modern but also steeped in history. While studying Goldsmithing I became enthralled by Medieval styles of jewellery and how they’d go to great lengths to accessorize every possible part of themselves, a trend that was long lost until the resurgence of body jewellery and arm parties!”


Emgie Libris, Notebooks, Philadelphia

Locally sourced and made by hand, one by one. Marilyn Glinka the woman behind Emgie Libris makes each book individually out of her studio in Philadelphia. With a mission to use leftovers or dead stock to leave a lighter footprint, and a dedication to quality, the books are an ode to old fashion craftsmanship. Not to mention just stunning little pieces to hold the incredible thoughts and priceless ideas of its user.

“We make books. We make books by hand. One-by-one. We focus on the details. We cut the paper. We stitch the binding. We glue the covers. We trim the corners and we source our materials locally whenever possible.”

— Marilyn

Esotic, Jewellery, London

A very sweet woman behind a very sweet jewellery line. Ombretta Vaccari of Esotic relocated to London from Milan and found herself in the famed Burlington Arcade to learn the art of jewellery making at an acclaimed boutique. Specializing in pearls and more specifically the antique techniques practiced by the Chinese and Japanese, Ombretta created jewellery for the boutique before heading off on her own. Her clever and unique Morse code bracelets are delicate little vessels carrying a unique message.

“Since I was a child I’ve always been surrounded by art as my mum is a porcelain decorator and my dad, once a musician, used to make me wooden toys and boats in bottles. I loved to play with my grandmothers old necklaces from the ’30s , they were so elegant and sparkling.”

— Ombretta

Etat Libre d’Orange, Perfume, Paris

South African born Etienne De Swardt is the charismatic man behind this charismatic fragrance brand. After studying in Paris and learning the ropes at LVMH he went on to create his first fragrance but decided he’d go the alternative route and try his hand for those of the dog and cat persuasion. The alternative fragrance house Etat Libre d’Orange is taking risks, working with amazing perfumers and not stifling any creativity along the way, “our business is your pleasure” they say. With freedom to express at the top of mind this respected renegade brand is making inspiring yet unusual scents. They are free spirits full of adventure with a good dose of humour. Creative, beautiful, eclectic, audacious.

“It takes a dangerous man to create a dangerous perfume”

— Team ELO 

Grace Lee, Ceramics, Toronto

Korean born Grace Lee is a fine artist and ceramicist currently residing and creating in Toronto.  She has been working in clay for 11 years, and is currently an artist in residence at Toronto’s acclaimed Harbourfront Centre. Grace has won numerous awards for her spectacular work in fine arts, and her beautiful homewares are truly unique expressions of ceramic.

“Although filled with tradition and history, ceramic art doesn’t have to conform to the past. It can be fun and whimsical and filled with life.”

— Grace Eun Mi Lee

Graphite Objects, Writing Utensils, San Francisco

Graphite Objects, brought to us by artist Agelio Batle of Batle Studio in Northern California. Inspired by his reverence of nature, and informed by his formal studies in Art and Science, the San Francisco artist has created this innovative sculptural writing implement. Natural graphite and smudge resistant compounds are fused in specialized forms under intense pressure. Each piece is meticulously fashioned using innovative methods and handmade with the highest quality artist-grade graphite. These accessible sculptures are works of art and functional drawing tools that will last many years with normal use.

“Whether drawing lines or inscribing words, the act of making marks lures the ideas into the physical world.”

— Agelio Batle

Heyoka Leather, Leather Goods, Los Angeles

Heyoka Leather is an old-fashion family style business born amongst the modern rock n roll backdrop of LA. After a natural progression from dream catcher into jewellery and beaded medicine bags, Heyoka Leather has created modern day heirlooms using carefully sourced hides, antler bones, and silver and brass beads. Nestled in the mystically inspiring Topanga Canyon, the trio of cousins has a juxtaposed position of hand craft, with a nod to Native American roots, whilst proclaiming they’ve always wanted to make a brand that went down in rock n roll history. High end and free spirited.

“The Heyoka mission statement is to leave no footprints behind their moccasins. Always and forever 100% handmade.”

— Angela

Isabel Halley, Ceramics, New York City

Artist and ceramicist Isabel Halley has been sculpting and creating since childhood. Her products today are a nod to that time period where Play-Doh and Sculpty were king. Her perfectly imperfect lumpy and bumpy pieces are done by hand and well thought out. It is with this extremely unique style and her masterful techniques that allowed her to bring a line to life in 2010. Made with love in The Big Apple, Isabel is updating classic items with her unique aesthetic.

Jardins D’Ecrivains, Apothecary, Grasse

Jardins D’Ecrivains, or The Writer’s Garden, is a place of refined and beautiful products. Inspired by great authors and made impeccably in Grasse France, the legendary perfume capital of world. The fragrances tell the tale of literary giants and their famed stories through scent. The woman behind this world of common duality and creator of these special products is Anais Biguine, who combined her two passions, gardens and literature, to create a world in which she too can tell her own beautiful story. Jardins D’Ecrivains perfumes tell olfactory stories connected to both places and disposition. They evoke humour, attitude, and intimacy.

“A trail of scent is so evocative, and can be the vehicle for a memory or a poem”

— Anais

“You see, a fragrance awakens thought”

— Victor Hugo

Jenny Bird, Jewellery, New York City & Toronto

Indie Luxe queen Jenny Bird divides her time between New York City and her home town of Toronto, with a penchant for down time on the beach. Jenny’s free spirit shines through in her designs as it is this modern Bohemia that is filling a gap. A certain gap Jenny had noticed before starting her line in 2008. With the goal to create distinctly beautiful and meaningful pieces that were well made and well priced, the line features vintage inspirations mixed with her modern sensibility for today’s #birdgirl.

Jewellery for the soul.

Joya, Apothecary, New York City

The joy is in the name and the emotion is in the product. Founder Frederick Bouchardy and his team; the designers of fragranced artifacts have been making beautiful creations since 2006. Through collaborations with both established as well as emerging brands and artists, and an honest approach to a historical industry Joya’s modern take is at the cutting edge of fragrance. Hand crafted in New York City, the team takes every care in producing domestic and ethically sourced unique luxury products.

“Fragrance is not a critical human need. But it is an ancient art form and without question, adds to the quality of life.”

— Frederick Bouchardy 

Kadletz, Jewellery, Los Angeles

Kadletz is a premium collection of jewellery grounded in clean and modern sensibilities. Made in Los Angeles, Jadie Kadletz prides herself on quality and versatility, presenting her jewellery collection to push the boundaries of modern day jewellery design. The simple lines create a striking impact on the eye. A Kadletz piece can be worn on its own or in sync with other pieces accomplishing an edgy yet sophisticated look. Worn by street style influencers, her Pincher Rings and Double Tusk Cuff have won fans worldwide. Simple elegant lines create dramatic effects.

“In a world where there is so much duplication we strive to be different. With this first collection I was inspired by animal’s structural adaptations for survival and protection.”

Jadie Kadletz

Kelly Lamb, Homeware, Los Angeles

Out of sunny Los Angeles, West Coast creator Kelly Lamb has worked across sculpture, photography, and interior design. Ranging from fine art to homeware, and with twenty years of experience her ceramics are a beautiful and unique addition to your home. Inspired by Sacred Geometry and the Arts and Crafts Movement her pieces are handmade providing unique shapes, textures, and glazes. With such a beautiful and vast career over the different disciplines, Kelly Lamb has exhibited at Art Basel and Ecole des Beaux Arts and has been featured in The New York Times and Art Forum amongst others.

“My aesthetic is heavily inspired by Sacred Geometry, Vienesse Secessionism, the Arts and Crafts Movement and architects such as Buckminster Fuller and Oscar Neimeyer. I like to use clean, angular, geometric lines to contradict organic shape, creating a dynamic dialogue between natural form and structural design.”

— Kelly Lamb

Lauren Wolf, Jewellery, Oakland

Lauren Wolf of Lauren Wolf jewellery has a unique story just like her collection. She studied her craft in the mountains of Mexico and now runs her shop in the bay area of California, with an eight year stop in New York City along the way. Her varying environments combined; both vibrant city and rural landscape help to shape her work and are especially evident in the castings of her famous stingray pieces. Her love for travel and all things unique continues to play a role in her the design process.

Lauren’s goal in design is to bring together nature in form, and industrial feel in her medium. Her jewellery possesses a rare blend of both edge and elegance that commands attention to both the work and wearer.

Monica Squitieri, Jewellery, Los Angeles

Monica Squitieri California Jewellery is inspired by California landscapes and Rock and Roll. Monica uses her surroundings to create organic and sensual pieces that illustrate her locale and turn her surroundings into wearable works. From the gulches of Big Sur to the tide pools of Santa Cruz and Malibu, the shapes and finishes used give that piece of California everyone is dreaming of. Her love for nature and music is found in every piece with inspiration coming from Neil Young and the cactus blooms in Joshua Tree. Her ideas come about through sketches and wax carvings of some of the most spectacular places in California. Made in LA, MSCJ is quickly receiving recognition for its unique, organic aesthetic that incorporates sustainable business practices such as using primarily recycled metals and unbleached fabrics for packaging. Her wish is for her clients to feel a personal connection with each piece and enjoy wearing them as much as she loves creating them.

“Being a designer is about honesty and freedom. California is my inspirational guide and music is my motivation. Every piece tells a story. Peace. Love. California.”


Mr. Boho, Sunglasses, Saville

After a bottle of tequila a brand was born. Four friends from Spain birthed the idea of the sunglass brand that didn’t compromise on quality whilst maintaining an affordable price point. Full of personality, Mr. Boho reflective sunnies are perfect for any holiday but truly pop in your day-to-day life.  Established in 2012, the creative energy of the brand is making its mark and Mr. Boho’s cosmopolitan curiosity is leading the way.

“Already making waves in Europe, mr. Boho has created a range of super cool frames with a huge selection of coloured reflective lenses, they’re designer style without the price-tag. The sunglasses speak for themselves: original, cool, fresh, fun…and colourful of course, made from top quality resistant materials and high protection lenses.”

— Team Boho

Na Nin, Fragrance, Richmond

Na Nin fragrances are handmade in small batches by Kate Jennings inside her home in Richmond, Virginia. The term Na Nin means “I Am” in Korean and was inspired by a year spent in South Korea. Originally launched in 2009 as Na Nin Vintage, a clothing line, Kate has gone on to create a brick and mortar store and studio with a goal to provide a positive space celebrating other makers and small businesses. In the recent year Kate began making fragrance in her home. The Na Nin fragrance line is inspired from the feelings evoked by music. With names like Landslide inspired by Fleetwood Mac and Jolene inspired by Dolly Parton, the perfume oils are made without artificial ingredients. The fragrances carry the ethos of her real world location and offer a small piece of the Na Nin philosophy.

“My fragrances are inspired by memories or visions when listening to certain songs. I have a strong affection for nostalgia and holding on to moments for as long as I can. I wanted to create fragrances that captured these moments with hopes others could have a strong appreciation for and connect their own memories with the scents.”

— Kate

Pamuk & Co, Linens, Toronto

Pamuk & Co is the brainchild of Toronto based Jasmine Porter who along with the help of her Turkish roots created a brand based on traditional luxurious methods. The towels are hand loomed using techniques once reserved for royalty, resulting in a beautiful product made with integrity. The towels are aesthetically gorgeous and highly absorbent and quick drying. They are also eco-friendly, made with 100% natural cotton, and perfect for both the home and the beach.


“We set out wanting to create the most genuinely luxurious towel; designed and crafted with integrity using only the finest textiles” — Jasmine

Rebels Refinery, Natural Skincare, Toronto

Rebels Refinery is a group of smart and witty misfits with big hearts and even bigger gusto. Their line of premium natural skincare leaves the nasty chemicals behind and boasts being 99% to 100% natural (or pure gold as they say!) They are both an exclusive and inclusive niche apothecary brand with their customers wellbeing at the forefront of their products. In their own words they are just looking to refine a few rebels, acquire a bit of beer money, and to give back to a few Cancer charities along the way. Their vein of humour and no nonsense runs through everything they do, from the packaging to their titles. Their leader is the Chief Entertainment Officer and their favourite scent reads- F*cking Amazing!

“Be all of your sins remember’d”


Scarf Shop, Scarves, Minnesota

Trained architect and artist Martha McQuade creates beautiful scarves in her Minnesota studio. Hand dyed in small batches through the kettle dye process, each batch presents slight variants in colour, adding to the already unique pieces. Beautiful weave fabrics make for a light, airy, and comfortable accessory. Honest luxury at its finest.

“I find hand dyeing fabrics especially interesting, as pattern development is a result of a relationship between dye, fabric and process rather than a pattern being printed onto a surface. Colors are richer and more varied and the results are never the same.”

— Martha McQuade

Taschen, Books, Cologne

The leader in beautiful coffee table books, providing beautifully designed art books and other noteworthy topics since 1980. Those heavy tomes that say a lot about a person when you arrive at their home, a person’s book collection is like a thumb print, no two are alike. A book collection creates a very compelling story all on its own, before the cover is even open. Taschen provides hours of beauty in the form of photographs and information to soak up. There is no easier way to travel than to pick up a book from the amazing Taschen. Travel, Architecture, Fashion, Music and Sex; boundless topics await.

“To browse a book published by TASCHEN is like walking in a garden full of surprises. It takes time to absorb every fragrance, every landscape, every flower – so don’t rush while reading it! It stimulates and provokes all our senses – not in a very conventional way, but in the same way a work of art lights up your imagination.”

— Paulo Coelho

Woodlot, Candles,Vancouver

With their origins steeped in family tradition, the Woodlot team keeps future generations in mind. Their debut collection of candles uses Eco-Friendly Coconut Wax. Launched in 2014 Woodlot aims to become a lifestyle product company with expansion on the horizon. Owned by Sonia Chhinji, who used to hand-roll cotton wicks with her mother, an art passed down from her grandmother in India, and partner Fouad Farraj who grew up on the Mediterranean coast playing and working amongst olive trees with his grandfather, making sure to always save some for soap making. It really is based on the idea of hand making and family inspiration.

Their candles are hand-poured, labeled and packaged with love in their studio in Vancouver, Canada.

“My partner and I were brought up with the belief, if you can buy it, you can make it. We had been making our own soap bars and candles for personal use using family recipes, which quickly turned into gifts for friends, and others. We’re curious about raw ingredients and plant based scents and how they can transform our day. We’re excited about launching our collection of minimal ingredient self and body care.”




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