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“There is boundless territory to uncover and products to discover, why not house them together and explore while you shop.”

After years on the fashion fringe working in both public relations and editorial, founder Lauren Walker wanted to create her own space; a place to house all of her favourite things. The eclectic mix of desired objects, niche brands, and small luxuries she picked up on various travels. All of which shared a similar vein; they were all uniquely beautiful.

Convinced there were others out there who appreciated unique expressions of individuality, she set out to create this cabinet of modern curiosities, or what would become Suite Hazen. Her ideal gifting and self-gifting suite, the perfect place to find a unique item you didn’t even know you wanted or a special something for a special someone. Mixing the idea of a traditional curiosity shop with the modern concept of gifting.

Suite Hazen is a covert gifting suite filled with unique pieces, and beautiful small luxuries. A place for the discovery of both new and unseen products plus the discovery of inspiring people, places, and things through the editorial scattered throughout. Perfect for the curious aesthetes in all of us.

Suite Hazen takes inspiration from a love of fabulous boutique hotels around the world and though it only has walls of the virtual kind, they will be inspiring. Merging interiors and places with beautiful objects and accessories to evoke a sense of space and voice. Bringing the gift suite to life and rounding out the notion of a concept shop in the world wide web.

With infinite possibilities we are able to infuse the shop with personality through great interviews and incredible photography from our partners around the world. We hope you enjoy the thoughtfully curated  and storied mix of products, as it is Suite Hazen’s song to never stop discovering, and we will continue to bring our guests exactly what we find.

Enjoy your stay. Enjoy your discovery.

“Curiosity is the lust of the mind”
Thomas Hobbes



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