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Alpha Beta Crown Wrap and Kadletz Pincher Bracelet


Kadletz Double Pincher Ring

Alpha Beta Crown Necklace with Joya Perfume

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Alpha Beta Crown Bracelets and Necklace

Kadletz Collection

Kadletz Midi Pincher Rings

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Kadletz Ear Cuff

Monica Squitieri Agave Studs


Aligieri Teardrop Necklace and Ring with Lava Ring

Gold, a chemical element with symbol Au; Gold is a precious metal that has been used in arts, coinage and jewellery for centuries.

Who doesn’t love a bit of gold? Gold jewellery, gold shoes, gold statues, or gold accents in home decor; all that glitters is often gold. And like moths to a flame, all humans alike from both East and West know the warm hued precious metal called Gold. A symbol of wealth, achievement, currency, decoration, wisdom and adoration. Wedding rings have historically been made of gold, and the long lasting metal that stands the test of time is symbolic of the vows made by the two souls engaging in marriage and entering into their eternity. High achievements are awarded with Gold prizes. Gold metals represent top honours in sport and other activities, and gold statues go to the winners at the Oscar’s, Emmy’s, and Grammy’s.

Gold jewellery and the spring and summer weather go together like drinking a nice glass of Rosé in the sunshine (or insert any other power couple here, Gin and Tonic perhaps?) The warm hues of gold jewels against sun kissed skin is all you need to accessorise your summer fashions, taking on the season and looking like a million bucks. Though we might not have golden crowns (though we do in our minds) Gold jewellery is a timeless contribution to your jewellery box and will remain in style for what could be centuries, ready to elevate a look or a feeling at a moments notice.

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