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Jess Vince DRESSR Jess Vince DRESSR Jess Vince DRESSR

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Jess Vince DRESSR Jess Vince DRESSR

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Jess Vince, Editor and Founder, Shop Celeb Instagram Style

We are all guilty of coveting celeb style and using Instagram for fashion inspiration and discovery, but expertly shopping the “grams” has eluded us. DRESSR’s Jess Vince has merged both editorial and celeb star style, with the powerful visual social platform, by creating a website that makes finding what your favorite stars are wearing very easy. The site experience turns curated celeb Instagram posts (only the best style) into lovely online editorial shopping stories and galleries. Jess and her team find exact matches of the amazing looks we see while scrolling, and link you onwards for the purchase or to learn more about the product. It is a manual process of search and discovery for the team at DRESSR she notes, and most assume it’s a crazy tech algorithm but Jess assures us it is not. Style without the scroll is their tag line and the premise is to shop their edit of Instagram’s best dressers. Stars with great personal like Solange Knowles, Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung, and Gigi Hadid appear and Jess has found people just love a good dose of Millie Mackintosh and you can never deny the power of a Kardashian Jenner for big hits!

“The problem is sifting through endless swirly lattes and #brunchgoals to find them. Enter DRESSR. Don’t waste hours mindlessly trawling – I’ve done the scrolling for you. This is my hand-picked edit of the creme of Instagram’s crop, bringing you the best of the best dressers and the stars you need to follow now.” ­– Jess

During her years at Grazia as the online editor, Jess honed her skills and fell in love with digital. Often creating fashion stories and shopping galleries of the latest trends and pointing readers in the right direction to “get the look” and shop their favorite celebs style. As a leader in this “new” realm she took Grazia from a small site to push subscriptions in 2008 to setting up their social feeds, then exploring and exploiting the power of digital, being able to secure great access with designers through video content and youtube, evolving the Grazia presence to the online version of the magazine we know today.

After more and more of her colleagues and female peers were going freelance, and becoming entrepreneurs, Jess had a light bulb moment at a Chinese restaurant. Why couldn’t you easily shop Instagram’s celebs looks? So after a quick feasibility study with fashion friends Jess set out to do just that, and DRESSR was born. She enlisted the help of friend Jess Spokes to design and develop the platform, and received amazing PR support from industry friends and contacts to spread the word early on. Jess points out that DRESSR is for shopping celeb looks, and though she admires the street style stars and bloggers out there (who are also her peers) she wont be encroaching on their territory; there is room for everyone in this space, she says. Her readers head to DRESSR when they are ready to sit down to shop and explore. This is not an in App shopping experience but what you do find is great editorial along side Jess’ cherry picked content from the fruitful fashion feeds of Instagram.

“Designers are even desigining pieces that will look good on social. They are envisioning then designing bright and bold pieces that will make their way onto street style stars and then reach and influence the masses. Instagram is where a lot of fashion actions is happening if not born entirely”. — Jess

DRESSR has only really scratched the surface. The use of Instagram snaps to shape editorial fashion stories can translate into beauty and lifestyle spreads too. We all see #flatlay whilst scrolling by numerous times a day, so matching the latest beauty products and home objects is a very logical next step. Menswear is also on the hit list and Jess sees the potential in exploring matching great Instagram images of the latest restaurants, cafes, or other in the know travel destinations too. As a digital maven and now entrepreneur Jess’s love and chops for both fashion and tech wont have her resting on suede block heels anytime soon. With social media apps coming as quickly as designer collections, Jess knows a lot is possible in this space.

Quick Fire Round with Jess 

Jess’ go to apps.… Afterlight, Snapseed, Alexa Chung’s Villoid, The Net Set, Chic Sketch

On fitness…. How can I look like Giselle she asks? Jess is currently into the Viking Method, online tutorials like KO Box, London’s Frame and Barrecore

On Instagram’s appeal…. It’s such a positive space to communicate and discover new things, I sometimes fall down the “rabbit hole” and say how did I end up here!? I’ve recently discovered Matcha and Moba bagels through IG and have found myself looking at Emma Roberts account recently aside from all the fashion stuff.

Currently eating/drinking at …. Gyoza Bar, The Detox Kitchen, Moba bagels, Caffeine, and The Attendant which is an old converted Victorian toilet.

Currently coveting.… Whimsical fashions by Reformation, Camilla Elphick shoes, Shrimps, and Charlotte Simone.

On the trend that’s about to tip…. The double jacket trend, the embroidered jacket trend, and a touch of anything furry. These three are excellent examples of the current Insta-influence.

Who graces her feed…… Man Repeller, Look De Pernille, Lucy Williams, Camille Over the Rainbow, Lucy Williams, and Pandora Sykes,

Jess’ ideal Saturday goes a little something like this…. Relaxing with friends who are removed from the fashion world and don’t necessarily know who Gigi Hadid is! Hit the gym, eat nice food, or perhaps cook and spend time with the ever encouraging fiancée.

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